Telecom and Datacenters

For over 35 years we've been installing fire protection, security and climatization systems that are required for telecom and datacenters' uninterrupted survival at their expected performance level. We possess the necessary experience and technical service organization that is required to set these business continuity critical facilities up in accordance with international standards and sustain them.

We are the technology partner you're looking for

  • We know the high-level security and business continuity requirements of telecommunications network operation centers very well and possess a broad application and service experience.
  • We install fire detection, alarm and automatic fire extinguishing systems in telecom and datacenters in accordance with the required international insurance company standards.
  • We install multi-stage warning and surveillance systems that automate, remotely monitor and intervene when necessary with the high-capacity cooling and climatisation systems that are reqired in datacenters.
  • According to international standards, we design and install aspirating smoke detection systems that give a very early warning despite high air movements in datacenters.
  • We install integrated access control, CCTV and video recording sytems that provide a combination of ease of user access and working and security in multi-user data centers.
  • We install large screen systems and control rooms that enable you to monitor the images, warnings and data from your security network along with critical business data and apply your emergency situation scenarios.
  • Our engineers are well equipped to support your architectural, mechanical and electrical groups with systems design, implementation and engineering.
  • Products that we represent are internationally known, high-quality and certified, considered either the "best" or "among the best” in their categories.
  • We service all over Turkey within 24 hours. Our local technical service staff in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Manisa, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep and abroad in Baku, Azerbaijan shortens this time further.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in emergency integration and security scenario installation of building automation, fire, security and public announcement systems that will be installed in your telecom and datacenters.
  • We know well the current fire and safety standards and regulations in Turkey; we install systems that meet the demands of the municipality and fire department in full.