About Us


EEC Integrated Building Control Systems is an engineering company that specializes in the automation of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems that make buildings safe and comfortable. By integrating these systems that cater to different purposes, we increase efficiency and benefits, while providing energy savings.

In Low Voltage Control Systems EEC Means The Right Solution

With over 35 years of experience in fire protection, security and building automation systems in Turkey and abroad, EEC has become synonymous with “good engineering” and “right solutions” in the building systems installation sector.

Turnkey Design & Build Solutions

We provide “complete solutions” from the design phase to after-sales maintenance services in the most challenging and complex projects in compliance with international standards and local regulations.

We are capable of carrying out system design and project management at an international level, with:

  • Our selected high quality products
  • Our know-how
  • Our experience
  • Our strong work force

Specialized Work Force, Broad Regional Representation

  • 130 trained and experienced employees
  • 40 engineers, 55 technicians
  • Over 5 year average employment periods for engineers and technicians
  • Internationally certified, high quality and reliable products
  • Regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, local techincal service in Bursa, Tekirdağ, Mersin and Gaziantep
  • International representation in Baku