Şekerbank Headquarters

Şekerbank was established in Eskişehir in 1953 as Pancar Kooperatifleri Bankası A.Ş. When the bank moved to Ankara in 1956, it was renamed as Şekerbank. Şekerbank, a part of which was offered to the public in 1997, moved to Istanbul in 2004.

Şekerbank has representation in Turkey across 278 branches, nine regional offices (2 Istanbul, 7 Anatolia) and 1 international office. Şekerbank branches in all of Turkey's 71 provinces and 98 decentralized locations has been serving throughout the county for nearly half a century in the same place.

Promesa Şekerbank Building's construction began in 2012 on Büyükdere Street, one Istanbul's busiest streets which is full of skyscrapers. The building has 23 floors and half of the tower is used as Şekerbank Head Office.

>Built by Şekerbank's main shareholder Promesa, the building has a usage area of ​​35 thousand m2.

EEC's Role

EEC has created Fire Alarm, Voice Alarm and Public Address, Access Control, CCTV, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Key Management System solutions in Şekerbank Headquarters Center project. In these solutions, taking into account the requirements of the building, EEC used high-level product groups suitable for the technological building concept.

The building consists of two different parts: Şekerbank Head Office and rental office areas. Therefore, system architectures are designed to be controlled from two different centers independently of each other. These two centers also have the flexibility to monitor each other's systems.