Evyap Factories

The story of Evyap which started with soap production in Erzurum in 1927; today continues in more than 100 countries with a wide range of products in 3 different categories: personal cleaning, personal care and hygiene products. Evyap carries out an important role as an exporter in Turkey, with soap and personal care products and is among the top 100 Turkish industrial companies. The company has a turnover of 1.2 billion Turkish Liras, 350 million of which is on international currency basis. Evyap has a total of 2 thousand 600 employees in Turkey and abroad.

Evyap has been working with EEC for more than 15 years and preferred EEC Integrated Building Control Systems for the security needs of its existing buildings and new buildings added to the area.

EEC's Role

Evyap has preferred engineering solutions offered by EEC Integrated Building Control Systems since 2004. The cooperation process, which started in 2005 with the installation of camera and fire security systems for Ayazağa Factories, continued with the establishment of the camera and fire security systems of the Hygiene Factory in 2010. Professional cooperation, which has been based on trust for many years, has regained speed in the process of moving Ayazağa Factories to Tuzla. The systems are constantly updated and expanded with the extension of the moving process over time and the add-ons brought in according to the growing needs of the growing facilities.

In this process; project design, material supply, engineering and commissioning services were provided by EEC. EEC continues the installation of IP CCTV and fire safety systems of Evyap Tuzla facilities. EEC works in the project in accordance with the EN54-14 European Standard.