Iron Mountain Silivri

Iron Mountain was established in New York in 1951 and provides record keeping, data protection and recovery and information destruction services. Keeping business records, electronic files, medical data, emails, etc. for organizations around the world, it manages billions of information assets. Iron Mountain helps organizations of all sizes and different sectors around the world reduce costs and risks associated with protecting and maintaining information in both digital and physical formats.

Serving over 95% of Fortune 1000 companies and more than 85% of FTSE 100 companies, the company employs 21,000 specialists worldwide and works with an infrastructure that includes more than 1000 facilities, 10 data centers and 3500 vehicles. Increasing day by day, it currently maintains more than 12 million cubic meters of paper records, 10 billion emails, 65 million computer backup cassettes, 2.5 million PCs and 20,000 servers.

EEC's Role

EEC has been serving Iron Mountain since 2005. Satisfied with the services of EEC, Iron Mountain preferred EEC again for the fire safety and alarm systems of its new facility in Silivri in 2013.

Iron Mountain, preferred EEC, a specialist in high-level fire and security systems, because of the confidentiality of the files it kept and the need for high security required high sensitivity to the fire risk due to the fact that the files are made of paper.