Efes Pilsen Ankara Factory

Anadolu Efes, with 18 brands in its portfolio is Turkey's largest beer producer and market leader. Ankara Brewery started its activities in 1995 as the fourth brewery of Anadolu Efes Group.

Founded in Istanbul in 1966, Anadolu Efes is the 5th largest beer producer in Europe and the 15th in the world with its nearly 60 brands. It is the market leader in Turkey with 3 breweries, 2 malt factories and one hops processing facility.

Aiming to contribute to social and cultural development in our country, Anadolu Efes established a sports club in Istanbul in 1976 under the sponsorship of the Efes Pilsen beer brand. Achievements gained in Turkish and European Cups by the club cultivated an increased public interest in basketball.

EEC's Role

EEC has created a Fire Detection and Alarm System solution in Anadolu Efes Ankara Brewery project. Edwards Fire Detection and Alarm Systems which are unrivaled in the industry with advanced control and communication technologies, smart detection features and unique survival features were used in the project. In addition, laser and air sampling detectors and Fireray5000 beam type detectors were used. EEC also carries out maintenance works in compliance with EN54 standards with its technical service staff and ensures that the system operates as if it was brand new.