Adnan Menderes International Airport

Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal which was built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, was opened in September 2006. We carried out the procurement of goods, engineering service and application of fire alarm and smoke control systems for the life and property safety of the airport.

Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal is one of the biggest airports in Turkey with 108000m2 airport building and 70000m2 multi storey car park. It is in a very important position for improving the tourism and business in İzmir and Aegean region with its annual average of 5 billion passengers, 130 flight destinations and connection to 45 countries. It won the 2006 TUSCA (Turk Yapısal Celik Foundation) and 2007 ECCS (European Still Design Award) awards.

The New Domestic Terminal, which was built as a whole with the International Terminal, was put into service in 2014. In this project, we provided material supply, engineering service and implementation of the fire alarm and smoke control system to ensure the life and property safety of the Terminal. With the merging of the New Domestic Terminal, all security and technical management has been started from a single center.

The new Domestic Terminal has an indoor area of ​​approximately 200 thousand square meters and a construction area of ​​approximately 300 thousand square meters. The terminal is built to accommodate 25 million passengers a year. Within the scope of the project, which has 64 Check-in counters, 40 elevators, 30 escalators, a closed parking lot for 2537 vehicles and an outdoor parking lot for 3,000 vehicles were also built.

In addition, energy consumption and water expenditure are minimized with the use of heat pumps, rain harvesting systems, gray water usage system, solar collectors and trigeneration plant used in the new terminal, while waste management is carried out efficiently. The terminal has a trigeneration facility that generates electricity from natural gas, which also reveals heating and cooling energy. It features Izmir Adnan Menderes domestic terminal, the US Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate to (LEED) has became Turkey's first terminal building. The terminal building is also among the 10 airport terminals with this certificate worldwide.

EEC’s Role

We carried out the procurement of goods, engineering service and application of fire alarm and smoke control systems for the life and property safety in Adnan Menderes Airport according to the scope of the agreement with IC Ictas.
The applications complied with EN54-14 European Standards.

Technical Approach

The devices used in Adnan Menderes Airport International and Domestic Terminals and Parking Garages and Fire Control System and Smoke Control System are selected among the Edwards Signature Series products from UTC Fire & Security, offered by EEC with its quality and experience. The Signature Series includes high-tech, microprocessor-controlled and algorithm-based detection elements that are capable of making decisions with fire algorithms obtained at the end of long testing processes.

In the International Terminal, 9 EST3 Series Network Fire Alarm Panels (44 loop-loop, 11,000 address capacity) work as networks. Similarly, 12 EST3 Series Network Fire Alarm Panels (with 91 loop-loops, 22,750 address capacity) in the Domestic Terminal work as networks.

Within these capacities, there are approximately 4000 detection points and 4000 monitoring / control points within the scope of the International Terminal Building, while there are approximately 6000 detection points and 7000 monitoring / control points within the scope of the Business Lines Terminal Building. Protection is provided with more than 100 Xtralis OSID Outdoor Smoke Detectors, which are used in some private areas, and more than 20 Xtralis VESDA Air Extraction Sensitive Smoke Detectors. The system in these two scopes is managed from a single point as a single and a whole system. Thus, it has reached a total of around 10,000 detection points and around 11,000 monitoring / control point capacities.

The entire system is monitored and controlled 24/7 from the EST3 Fire Alarm Control Panel and FireWorks Graphic Monitoring Software located at the Airport Joint Operation Center. All fire alarm control panels work on the same network as peer to peer, in other words, using EST3 fiber optic converters among themselves. Graphic Monitoring Software is backed up in two notes and uninterrupted operation is provided in the system's graphic monitoring and reporting functions in case of any possible errors.