Vestel City

Founded in 1984 and one of the Zorlu Holding Group of Companies since 1994, Vestel continues to develop new technologies and has been doing business as one of the top 3 brands in the field of consumer electronics, digital products and white goods in Turkey. The group which is formed by a total of 28 companies including domestic and international groups is among the largest manufacturers, not only in Turkey, but in the world.
Vestel has the rightful position as one of the most well-known and prestigious 10 brands of Turkey, continues its activities in 155 countries with strong structure that leads the industry. Vestel City is production base of Vestel in Manisa. A technology center, Vestel Manisa facilities' closed area reaches nearly 1.000.000m2. Vestel City alone is approximately 685.000m2, is the largest single production area in Europe and the world's second largest industrial complex.

EEC's Role

The fire alarm system installed in Vestel Manisa Facilities was established with separate contracts with Vestel Electronics Inc. and Vestel White Goods Inc. The project, material provision and engineering services were performed by EEC under the contract. In Vestel plants, which are constantly growing and developing with their dynamic structure, some renovation work continues. 

Applications have been implemented in accordance with the European standard EN54-14.

Technical Approach

Equipments used in the high-tech fire alarm and smoke control system were chosen from among the Edwards products in Vestel City. These high-tech, microprocessor-controlled, algorithm-based fire algorithms have been achieved at the end of long processes. In addition to this, in some of the high spaces that require different applications and solutions beam type smoke detectors were used. In some special places and high areas, Xtralis VESDA and SecuriRas ASD active air sampling smoke detectors were preferred to provide early detection. 

6 central fire alarm panels and 2 repeat panels work as a network at Vestel Electronics Central Plant. A total of nearly 1000 sensing devices and approximately the same number of monitoring and control points work under the same system architecture. In Vestel City, which is in a different campus, there are a total of 15 fire alarm panels including 12 central fire alarm control panels and 3 repeater panels. In this facility, a 47-loop fire alarm system operates according to loop based definition. This system is managed by communicating with the same brand's fiber optic network interfaces, monitored and controlled in the Security Management Center which is managed by the Security Directorate in the Digital Factory. 

When the total closed spaces is considered, the system includes nearly 3500 detection points and approximately 2000 monitoring and controlling points. In Vestel Manisa Facilities, the fire alarm system includes a total of 23 control panels. This system has around 350 beam-type smoke detectors and more than 100 VESDA air sampling smoke detectors.

Alarm and fault management at Vestel City Campus and Vestel Electronics Headquarters are performed visually from a single point via UTC's Fireworks Graphic Monitoring Software.