Tekfen Tower

Tekfen Contracting Group

Tekfen Contracting Group is one of the largest and most important contracting groups in Turkey. Founded in 1956 as an engineering and consultancy firm, Tekfen Contracting Group has progressed immensely since then. Today, with over 13,000 employees, construction projects underway on three continents, and backed by impressive references, Tekfen Contracting Group is internationally known in its sector. The experience of the Group allows it to undertake projects in oil refineries, on- and offshore platforms, pumping stations, power plants, industrial facilities, as well as highways, subways, telecommunication systems and large sports infrastructure.

Tekfen Tower

Tekfen Tower is a high quality office building offering over 33.000 m² of office space and is located in the Levent district of Büyükdere Avenue, Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to this strategic location, Tekfen Tower provides easy access to both bridges and to the Levent –Taksim axis via the underground system. Tekfen Tower easily accommodates any office need from 450 m² onwards. With its technical amenities, strategic location and many clients, Tekfen Tower establishes a new standard in the Istanbul office market.

Pre-existing situation & EEC’s role

To accommodate the Tekfen Tower with crucial security needs, a number of requirements were defined. Tekfen Tower’s management sought a solution that integrated fire detection, intrusion detection and access control. These systems had to fully meet all of the necessary UL regulations. Additionally, the security systems needed to be integrated with the building management software in order to maximise efficiency. EEC approached Tekfen Tower’s security manager and presented its solution. This first contact turned out to be the basis of a close cooperation between EEC staff and Tekfen Tower’s security manager.

EEC’s Solution

EEC was selected to deliver security systems for fire and intrusion detection along with access control. The fire detection system consists of over 4,000 intelligent addressable detectors connected to 19 EST networked fire control panels. This fire detection system interfaces to a voice evacuation system. Further optimization is reached thanks to a smoke management system consisting of a custom-made mimic panel, displaying the entire building on a map with LED lights indicating every detector present. Integration with the building’s ventilation system allows determining when and where a fire erupts, by means of smoke extraction.
The access control system covers over 220 access points and is used by approximately 2,000 people. The intrusion detection system secures the perimeter of the building plus its technical rooms – one per floor. With this system in place, Tekfen Tower has full control over its building and security staff can work in a more efficient way.