Bursa Acıbadem Hospital

EEC started to serve Acıbadem Healthcare Group in 2000 with Bakırköy Hospital. In subsequent years the Group became Turkey's largest private sector investment in healthcare and EEC continued to provide services to all newly opened or renovated facilities of the Group. In Bursa Acıbadem Hospital, fire alarm, nurse call and CCTV systems were selected from UTC Fire and Security products.

Bursa Acıbadem Hospital, one of the largest hospitals of the group, was opened in 2006 with 90 patient rooms, 60 intensive care beds and 10 operating rooms on an indoor area of 30,000 m².

All of Acıbadem Hospitals belong to the international part of JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), which is the world's largest accreditation body with more than 20,000 health institutions accredited in the USA. The Group has been accredited by JCI as well (Joint Commission International).

EEC's Role 

EEC started to serve Acıbadem Healthcare Group with the Bakırköy Hospital, which was opened in 2000, and has been providing services to all newly opened or renovated facilities for the past 11 years. These include Istanbul Kozyatağı (2004), Bursa (2006), International Hospital (2008), Istanbul Acıbadem (2008), Istanbul Maslak (2009), Adana (2009), Kayseri (2009), Eskişehir (2010), Istanbul Fulya (2010).

EEC provides Acıbadem Hospitals with fire alarm, camera and nurse call systems. Edwards fire alarm systems are also preferred as a high-level system that raises the life safety standards of the newly established Acıbadem Hospitals.

Technical Approach

The fire alarm, nurse call and CCTV systems that were set up at Acıbadem Bursa Hospital were selected from UTC Fire and Security products. The fire alarm system has more than a thousand sensors and around 500 monitoring / control points. The system also monitors fire escape doors and stairs in addition to gas, water and carbon monoxide leak detectors. The system is monitored with a main control panel and a total of 7 repeat panels located in all information desks. The fire alarm system is integrated into the building automation system using a BacNET-based communication bridge. In this way, the fire, gas and water alarm information contained in our system can be transferred to the automation system and pre-programmed emergency scenarios can be applied in both systems without the need for operator intervention. The system is also monitored and controlled graphically with a computer software specific to the fire alarm system.

90 bedside call units and 11 nurse counters are used to provide communication between patient rooms and nurse counters. The system also includes the intercom feature that enables patients and nurses to communicate by speaking. There are many emergency buttons installed in the common area toilets. In addition, polyclinic counters, waiting rooms, etc. The "Blue Code" system applied in the locations is also one of the accreditation requirements requested by JCI. There is also a computer where call records are stored in the nurse call system. Thanks to this database, reports can be received according to different criteria such as when the call comes from which point in the system, and how long the staff intervenes in these calls.

The camera system installed in Acıbadem Bursa Hospital consists of a total of 172 cameras. Images are digitally recorded and stored.