Bursa Acıbadem Hospital

EEC began to service to Acıbadem Health Group with Bakırköy Hospital in 2000. In the following years, we have become the service provider for newly opened or renewed facilities owned by the group, which is Turkey's largest private sector investor in the healthcare market. The fire alarm, nurse call and CCTV systems were chosen from GE Security products in Bursa hospital.

Acıbadem Health Group has Turkey's largest private sector investment with 11 general-purpose hospitals, 7 medical centers and clinics, central laboratories and branches. The Group, founded in 1991, continued its development with 2 new hospitals in 2011, their 20th anniversary. There are a total of 8500 personnel, including 1500 physicians within the Group. In 2006, Bursa Acıbadem Hospital, one of the largest hospitals of the Group, was located on an area of 30,000 square meters and had 90 patient rooms, 60 intensive care beds and 10 operating rooms.

All of Acıbadem Hospitals belong to the international part of JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), which is the world's largest accreditation body with more than 20,000 health institutions accredited in the USA. The Group has been accredited by JCI as well (Joint Commission International).

EEC's Role 

EEC started to provide services to the Acıbadem Health Group with Bakırköy Hospital, which opened in 2000 and has become the service provider for all of the newly opened or renovated facilities in the next 11 years. Among these facilities are İstanbul Kozyatağı (2004), Bursa (2006), International Hospital (2008), İstanbul Acıbadem (2008), İstanbul Maslak (2009), Adana (2009), Kayseri (2009), Eskişehir (2010) and İstanbul Fulya (2010) Acıbadem Hospitals.

EEC provides the fire alarm, CCTV and nurse call systems for Acıbadem Hospitals. GE Security-Dukane nurse call systems have become important technical equipment used as a standard in all Acıbadem Hospitals. In addition to the nurse call system, GE Security-Edwards fire alarm system is preferred as a high-level system that raises the life safety standards in the new Acıbadem Hospital facilities.

Technical Approach

Bursa Acıbadem Hospital‘s fire alarm, nurse call and CCTV systems were selected from GE Security products. Fire alarm system has more than thousand detection and approximately five hundred monitoring/control points. The detectors for gas, water and carbon monoxide leaks and fire escapes are monitored by the fire alarm system in addition to fire alarms. The system is monitored with a main control panel and a total of 7 repeater panels which are located in the information desks. The fire alarm system is integrated with building automation system using a BACNET-based communication bridge. In this way, the information from the fire, gas and water alarm systems can be transferred to the automation system and the pre-programmed emergency scenarios can be applied to both systems without the need of operator intervention. At the same time, the system is monitored and controlled with special computer software designed for the fire alarm system.

To provide the communication between patient rooms and nurse desks, there are 90 single bed stations and 11 nurse stations. The system also has an intercom feature that provides communication between patients and nurses audibly. There are a large number of urgent pull cords (Emergency button) established in the public restrooms. In addition, "Code Blue" systems placed on nurse desks, waiting areas and so forth are among the conditions of accreditation requested by JCI. As part of the nurse call system, a computer also stores call records. From this database, reports with different criteria like the time and the place of the call as well as the staff response time can be created.

The CCTV system of Bursa Acıbadem Hospital consists of 172 cameras and images are recorded digitally and stored for about a month.