IKEA İzmir

IKEA, founded 60 years ago and spread out to 40 countries from Sweden, is one of the world's leading retail store chains. It has more than 300 stores worldwide. 600 million people visit IKEA stores each year.
IKEA carries out its activities in Turkey with 7 stores. 3 of them are in Istanbul, and others are in Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Bursa. IKEA stores offer a wide range of products, primarily for the home, but also for the office and garden.

EEC’s Role

After installing fire alarm systems in the IKEA Izmir Store, we undertook the establishment of fire alarm systems in Istanbul Bayrampaşa and Bursa stores under the contract with Maya Construction Group. In these projects we carried out the engineering, material procurement and implementations. EN54-14 implementation standard was depended on in system design.

Technical Approach

IKEA İzmir store consists of two floors. UL certified GE Edwards fire alarm system products are used throughout the store. This system works not only as a fire alarm system, but also as an integrated smoke evacuation and control system. 

A 4 part looped and a 3 part looped fire alarm panels work with peer to peer network principal. Sounder beacons are used in the building. In addiditon, an emergency announcement system has been integrated, too. The emergency situation management of smoke control system guided by Turkey Fire Protection Regulations and international codes has been implemented with the ventilation system, which is part of the air handling units, fire dampers, smoke evacuation fans and stair pressurization fans. In case of fire these tools provide smoke evacuation before remification of fire to the secure areas. 

Edwards Signature Series single and dual channel inputs monitor the state of the water extinguishing system’s flow switches, monitoring valves and pumps, so the system is constantly checked to make sure it is healthy and ready to work before a real fire breaks out. This way, the water extinguishing system is also monitored during an emergency.

Controls such as calling down the elevators to the ground floor in case of an emergency, in case of a fire on the ground floor, calling them to a previously selected alternative, stopping escalators and moving walkways, is done automatically by the Signature Series control modules, under the scope of integration with the related systems.

According to the fire scenario, the fire alarm system unlocks the doors in escape routes, usually controlled by the access control system. 

The fire alarm system also constantly monitors the gas extinguishing system’s alarm and fault states, which has been established in certain critical areas. 

There is a graphics monitoring computer and FireWorks Graphics Monitoring Software in the security room for controlling and monitoring the fire alarm system. All devices can be seen graphically on the architectural plans and in an alarm quick access and reviewing the details are possible.