Hôtel Les Ottomans

Hôtel Les Ottomans is a former 18th century mansion meticulously and extravagantly restored to create a lavish tribute to Istanbul’s Baroque revival. Theatrical and stunning, it comprises no more than ten magnificently decorated rooms, suites only, plus a fantastic restaurant, a world-class vinotherapy spa, two private boats and a buzzing jazz club. Hôtel Les Ottomans is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
Completely glamorous, this hotel is eye-catching at every turn with intricately detailed ceilings, gold paintwork, glistening chandeliers, Venetian velvet walls, precious antiques and works of art. Naturally, there is butler service and a yacht on hand to accommodate guests.

Pre-existing situation & EEC’s role

Hôtel Les Ottomans was originally a heritage of the great Ottomans family of Turkey. As it is a historical building, the renovators wanted to restore its original aesthetics. The building was transformed into a luxury hotel, which answers to all of the needs of its guests. The owners of Hôtel Les Ottomans wanted a state-of-the-art security system, including access control and fire detection, which could ensure total security.

EEC’s Solution

EEC approached Hôtel Les Ottomans and presented its solution: the installation of two main security systems. The first is access control: granting or denying access to guest’s suites and restricted areas, approximately 30 access points with badge readers are in place. Secondly, over 300 intelligent addressable fire detectors are installed. Each of these detectors is able to detect and report alarm signals to the EST control panels. Additionally, the EST panels allow other building management systems to be integrated with GE Security’s EST system. As such, other aspects of a building like ventilation shafts can be managed through the fire system.
With EEC’s solution in place, Hôtel Les Ottomans can offer its luxury services in a safer environment.