Mardan Palace

Mardan Palace, which attracted the attention of the entire world with its official opening, holds the title "Europe's most expensive resort." In many aspects, there isn't a difference between Dubai or Las Vegas hotels and Mardan Palace. Also in Turkey there aren't other hotels that create such a great ambience for guests like Mardan Palace. The pool in the hotel which is 24.000 m² can be toured by gondolas. There is also a stadium for 7500 people, which was prepared according to UEFA standards for the use of football clubs who camp in the hotel. Antalyaspor Football Club plays its Turkey Super League matches in this stadium.

With a total of 560 rooms and suites each with a different concept, Mardan Palace has been awarded a total of four separate awards in the international category, including "World's Best Luxury Hotel,” at the 2010 World Travel Awards.

EEC's Role

Since the early stages, EEC has contributed to this special project by applying the most appropriate design in accordance with the intended concept. In Mardan Palace, many innovations were implemented, from the room automation system's design to its application, which is one of the most important systems that creates the ultimate comfort for the hotel guests. Also, EEC established the fire alarm system, one of the most critical elements of hotel security, by using GE Security EDWARDS products.

Mardan Palace’s room automation system is a special system that is completely designed by integrating many parts to meet the requirements. Many new technologies, from the wireless control interfaces to the integration of the hotel management system, were applied for the first time in such a large scale project in Turkey.

Technical Approach

In the rooms, radio-frequency wireless controllers were chosen as the room automation interface. The controllers attract attention with decorations that reinforce the hotel's image, as well as an LCD display, buttons and a unique menu structure developed specially for Mardan Palace. These controllers can be used for commanding the air conditioner, lighting and curtains in the rooms or any part of the rooms without the need to direct them to a receiver. "Do-not-Disturb" or "Make-Up-Room" selections can be made with these remote controls. These selections are visualized by decorative lamps at the entrance of the room, and also transferred to the hotel automation system to inform the concerned units.

Room automation system is also integrated with the Fidelio reservation system. In this way, the room automation system automatically implements different scenarios by taking into account the status of the room reservation. In an empty room air conditioning system switches to economy mode; when check-in takes place, the set points automatically change to comfort mode and at check-out the same process is repeated again.

Fire alarm system was integrated with other systems in order to independently carry out pre-programmed fire scenarios simultaneously with the building automation system. The information received from the fire alarm system is transferred to the building automation system by using a communication bridge and a BACnet protocol. Smoke dampers, fans, vacuum cleaners and other mechanical devices that are used to control smoke are controlled by the fire alarm system. For this purpose, a smoke control mimic panel was established to command and monitor hundreds of mechanical devices.