Patient-Nurse Communication Systems

Patient Nurse Communication

Effective patient-nurse communications are very important in today’s hospitals and other health care organizations. Patient-nurse communication systems are increasingly being installed in order to provide better service and ensure the satisfaction of patients, as well as to measure and increase staff efficiency. Moreover, when it comes to international accreditation, hospitals and health care facilities are required to install nurse call systems as regulated by serious codes.

Owing to our partnerships with the worlds' leading manufacturers, we design and install your nurse call system by using the most appropriate software and hardware.

When you apply to us for your patient-nurse communication system, we do a series of estimating and evaluating studies in order to implement the most appropriate system.

  1. We determine the stations where nurse call systems are required and where the information is collected.
  2. We determine the need for emergency call systems in public restrooms.
  3. We make studies on the places where blue code system needs to be installed.
  4. We offer solutions to provide that the entire system operate over an integrated platform.
  5. We discuss which sections should the software that make up the database and used by hospital management be installed.
  6. We offer system solution options, in conjunctions with the material and the installation costs, including evaluated future expansion needs.
  7. As soon as the decision is made, we prepare the final design projects, complete the installation and programming and we hand over the system after training your nurses/system operator personnel.

We provide all products needed for an effective nurse call system

  • Nurse Stations
  • Patient Bed-Side Units
  • Nurse Call Buttons
  • Emergency Pull Cords
  • Corridor Lamps
  • Code Blue Buttons
  • Addressing Units
  • Database Software