Meeting and Conference Systems

Meeting and Conference

Meeting room automation systems are used in modern organizations for improved flexibility and efficiency in meetings and maximum time savings. Meeting room automation systems are controlled by wall mounted, desktop, or wireless touch-screen panels in the meeting room.

Both the technical specifications you’ll need, and the size and design of the room are decisive factors for the system we will be recommending to you.

  • Different conference rooms require different hardware and software features. Because they will be designed according to your preference, they will be very easy to use.
  • Automation systems, while making your presentations more impressive, eliminate interfering elements during meetings.
  • Conference room automation systems, besides facilitating the preparation stages of a meeting, contribute to the integrity of the meeting by realizing the changes needed quickly during a meeting.

We have partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers that allow us to design and establish solutions using the most appropriate software and hardware for you.

The collection of components that are thought to be in the conference room play a critical role in determining the automation system we will be designing especially for you.

  1. When you apply to us for your conference room automation system, we run a series of evaluation and identification studies in order to implement the most appropriate system for you.
  2. We determine your conference room needs.
  3. We prepare a list of devices and systems you want us to apply.
  4. We present you with a sample software study concerning the equipment and systems you’ll be using.
  5. We offer system alternatives with material and installation costs, while keeping in mind your future expansion needs.
  6. When a decision has been reached, we prepare implementation projects, complete the installation and programming and train your security and system management personnel, and deliver the system.
  7. During the initial stages of operation, our engineers supervise how the system works, retrain your personnel if necessary and apply minor tweaks to the programming if needed.
  8. Our technical service teams are at your disposal for your maintenance and service needs after your system becomes operational.

We support a wide range of conference room automation system products

In order to provide complete turnkey solutions, we have among our products hardware that is likely to be found in a boardroom as well as conference room automation systems.

  • Presidential system and microphone management
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Audio-Video Equipment
  • Heating-Cooling and Screen Management
  • Internet access software
  • Modules for instant access to PCs in the company