Systems and Products

Cameras and accompanying recording / control hardware are widely used for surveying desired places for various purposes. Although the most important purpose of video systems is to monitor, detect and immediately respond to critical events, it is also possible watch records to learn about past events and collect evidence.

With the introduction of computer and network technologies to what is commonly known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, the need for special cables and control equipment has disappeared and they have become an open platform. Video systems’ integration with other security, access control, and building control systems has become easier, if not demanded. Most of the high end projects demand integrating CCTV and building control systems as a standard.

Cameras are not only used for monitoring and recording of video, but with the addition of some software and hardware, also generate alarms and identify various objects and license plates without the need for operator intervention. Cameras are beginning to be used in different sectors for security and non-security purposes.

- Intelligent Video Content Analysis Systems
- Human Counting and Reporting Systems
- License Plate Recognition Systems

In addition to the number of premises, size and number of users, your building’s function is also a decisive factor for the system we will be recommending to you.

  • The importance and technical specifications of video management systems in crowded and public places like subways, airports and bus stations is different than commercial buildings.
  • In other public places like shopping centers, stadiums, museums or hospitals, there are special requirements that differ by type, function and intended duration of the building.
  • In hotels or residential places, systems that provide a balance between privacy and security should be designed.
  • Not all video control systems can satisfy the management and operational characteristics of organizations that operate in more than one location, city or country.
  • In buildings where upper-level technologies are used, video control systems that can integrate with different security and automation systems should be preferred.

Due to our partnerships with world’s leading manufacturers, we are able to design and install your system with the most suitable software and hardware.

Your security requirements and the level of integration with other building control systems play a role in deciding on the system we will install for you.

When you approach us for your closed circuit television system needs, we run a series of evaluation and identification studies in order to implement the most appropriate system for you.

Your monitoring and reporting requirements are determined by analyzing your facility and business.

We discuss the safety precautions you want to install and determine whether your video control system needs to be integrated with the access control, fire alarm, building automation and fire alarm systems and if so, the level of this integration.

We discuss security scenarios and determine whether there could be conflicts with life safety requirements. We find solutions that resolve these conflicts if there are any.

We present system options with product and installation costs after taking into account future expansions and supply needs.

After a decision is reached, we prepare the installation projects, complete installation and programming, train operating personnel and deliver the system.

During the initial stages of operation, our engineers supervise how the system works, retrain your personnel if necessary and apply minor tweaks to the programming if needed.

Our technical service teams are at your disposal for your maintenance and service needs after your system becomes operational.

Intelligent Video Content Analysis Systems

Video content analysis software, which has become security personnel’s biggest aid in continuously monitoring hundreds of camera screens and detecting possible threats and unusual situations, can run on end components like cameras and encoders as well as central computers.

Businesses that have hundreds of cameras can increase system efficiency significantly by adding video analysis capabilities to some of them. Both new and existing systems can benefit from video analysis software. In this way, environmental safety violations, abandoned or dropped objects, vehicles going in the wrong direction, certain people or objects can be automatically detected.

People Counting and Reporting Systems

Although the application of intelligent video content analysis software varies from sector to sector, the most impact has been in the retail sector. Cameras can now answer such questions as how many visitors are entering stores or shopping centers and when or which hours or days are the busiest.

These systems more commonly known as people counting consist of analysis algorithms which perform the main function, and reporting software.

License Plate Recognition Systems

Content analysis is defining vehicle license plates so a parking barrier will open or information will be reported. License plate recognition systems integrate with other systems and are very widely used in public and private building safety.

We support a wide range of products in a video control system.

In order to ensure turn-key solutions for both analog and IP video surveillance systems, we supply all kinds of cameras, control software and hardware as well as all kinds of supporting products.

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Video Recording Servers
  • Operator Computers
  • External Video Storage Units
  • Matrix Switchers
  • Control Keyboards
  • Video Analysis Software
  • License Plate Recognition Software and Cameras
  • Counting and Reporting Software Human
  • Lenses
  • LCD fitters
  • Rear Projection Cubes
  • Video Wall Control Hardware and Software
  • Enclosures
  • IR LED Spots
  • Pan-Tilt Units
  • Mounting Apparatus
  • Fiber Optic Converters
  • Ethernet Switches